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Coracle by Kenneth Steven
My 12th collection of poems, Coracle, is now out from SPCK in London. It was coracles that were used by the Celts in their crossings of the sea roads between Ireland and Scotland, and I am thinking of those journeys in the book, and of the metaphor of journeying in wider terms. Sometimes it's much more about journeys of the heart than any literal ones: the searches for meaning in the complexity of circumstances beyond our control. This is a collection that attempts to look head-on at the hardest of places in that struggle, not trying to give neat answers, but rather to search honestly the darkness of the struggle.

There is another new book - Iona, the other island. This is a work of non-fiction - a mixture of meditations and descriptions of locations, together with a few new poems - made with Highland photographer Iain Sarjeant. He and I shared a vision, of a book that told the story of the whole island rather than just that of the Abbey and the other religious buildings. We wanted to share the story of places like the Gully of Pat's Cow and Port Ban. It's as much a book for those who know Iona as those who don't; a celebration of small places, the tiny corners of special and spiritual beauty forgotten by other guides.

This summer I'm going to be writing my book on the Sami people and on the Arctic as a whole, but I'm also looking ahead to events in the autumn and the winter. A few places remain on the writing course at the Columba Hotel on Iona (9-15 October inclusive), and on an earlier writing retreat at Boswell House in Montrose (29 - 31st August inclusive).

I look forward to hearing from you! As always, please get in touch via the website.

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I thought about him the other day. It was when Celia came in to dust the room and picked up the piece of amber with the fly in the middle of it. She asked me where it had come from and I didnít tell her. After she had gone I went over to the shelf and picked it up and brought it over to the bedside. It was thundery; you could hear the distant prowling of it for hours, and once there was a flicker of lightning that lit up the piece of amber in my hand, set it on fire. And I thought of Douglas. For the first time in many years I remembered. >

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