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I'm writing this to give a bit more background to the some 25 texts I have on Kindle. I am realising that putting lots of creative work onto the net is all very good and well, but people have to know it's there! Many readers think of me first and foremost as a poet, and perhaps that is what defines me. A volume of my selected poems, Second Nature, is there on Kindle. As the title would suggest, it's very much built around my nature work.

But by and large, what's here is prose. There's one full-length novel - a science fiction work entitled The Fall. At present it's being serialised in a US journal called One Small Step: the story of what happens when an asteroid falls on the south-west of England.

There are essays too like North and A Few Square Feet of Scotland: it's better that they speak for themselves than that I try to explain them. There are novels for children too (8-12s) like Fergal and Ghostwing.

More than anything, here are short stories. In some ways, this is my favourite genre: the short story is a whole novel in a bottle. Often they don't work, and they are never easy to write! I would ask you in particular to seek out stories like The Ice and Lemon Ice Cream, but there are many others.

Finally, there are many picture book texts which I sincerely hope can and will be used by primary schools in particular.

Thanks to all of you who have contacted me recently. I look forward very much to new messages.

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Kenneth on Radio 4

Kenneth's story "The Punch", read by Iain Macrae, will be broadcast on Radio 4 on
Sunday 16th February at 19.45pm.

Kenneth on Kindle

Kenneth Steven now has more than 20 short stories, novellas and writing guides available for download from Amazon Visit Amazon

Glen Lyon

Glen Lyon a novel by Kenneth Steven The new novel out from Birlinn.


Winter 2014
My 12th collection of poems, Coracle, is now out from SPCK in London. It was coracles that were used by the Celts in their crossings of the sea roads between Ireland and Scotland, and I am thinking of those journeys in the book, and of the metaphor of journeying in wider terms. >

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