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I have joined the 21st Century! Not before time I'm going to offer my very sincere thanks to Anna Ford (who set up and now maintains this website). It was Anna who put my novel The Fall onto Kindle some months ago. But after taking part in a panel on publishing in Inverness, I suddenly realised just how foolishly lazy I was being about Kindle. I had all sorts of writing that was effectively unemployed: it was ready to be published but hadn't found the right homes yet.

First and foremost were the short stories. Since my first collection The Ice appeared from Argyll a few years back, some dozen new stories had been born. Since a short story is only a matter of a few thousand words n length, it would seem wrong to ask more than a pound or two for each on Kindle. And so I uploaded stories like Kalili, Find the River, The Raven's Nest and The Secret – all important to me and almost like tiny novels. Here too is my story The Punch, recently broadcast on BBC Radio 4, and The Miracle – about to appear in Take a Break.

But having work on Kindle is just the first step: what matters is that people find it! So if you relate to these stories then please pass on word. There are a number of novels for children here too, and several essays on the natural world and conservation.

I've taken my novel The Fall off Kindle because it has been accepted for publication by the New York based magazine Ares. The story will be serialised over the next months, and will no doubt be available electronically too.

As always, be in touch with comments and questions, ideas and invitations. There's still plenty of white space to fill in the coming year!

You can use the contact form to send a message or to add your details to my mailing list.

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Kenneth on Radio 4

Kenneth's story "The Punch", read by Iain Macrae, will be broadcast on Radio 4 on
Sunday 16th February at 19.45pm.

Kenneth on Kindle

Kenneth Steven now has more than 20 short stories, novellas and writing guides available for download from Amazon Visit Amazon

Glen Lyon

Glen Lyon a novel by Kenneth Steven The new novel out from Birlinn.


I thought about him the other day. It was when Celia came in to dust the room and picked up the piece of amber with the fly in the middle of it. She asked me where it had come from and I didn’t tell her. After she had gone I went over to the shelf and picked it up and brought it over to the bedside. It was thundery; you could hear the distant prowling of it for hours, and once there was a flicker of lightning that lit up the piece of amber in my hand, set it on fire. And I thought of Douglas. For the first time in many years I remembered. >

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